The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with M

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Travesty 7 letters"

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  1. Mockery
    1. Derision


  1. Travesty of a journalist being rejected by daily
  2. Travesty of justice is worth sorting out - gangster...
  3. An absurd act travesty
  4. Travesty as norwegian king forgets lines in church
  5. Staff cutting wages is a travesty
  6. Travesty of justice having one put away? that's a blow
  7. Travesty of light o' love with knight
  8. Reward to keep staff seen as travesty
  9. Infiltrate marquee housing travesty of main turn
  10. Life cut short in travesty of transportation
  11. Travesty as salary is split by staff
  12. Travesty or spoof
  13. Pretence — travesty
  14. Travesty of cider as cocktail
  15. Travesty
  16. Travesty when american pistol must be imported to yield good results
  17. Tea awfully dear — it's a travesty
  18. Loud race developed into travesty
  19. Letters in love letters
  20. "presumed innocent" or "the firm" (5 letters, then 5 letters)


  1. Cut off; slim and fit
  2. Stoat; fur
  3. Repeatedly beat badly hurt male
  4. Fine hungarian wine needing no introduction
  5. Warm in outhouse enclosed in protective covering
  6. I'm sadly having to go back for a highly seasoned sausage
  7. Small leafy stem
  8. Sewing tool used on canvas or leather