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  1. Mooring post — traffic restriction device
  2. Like traffic in a traffic jam
  3. Air-traffic controller's device
  4. Device for directing traffic around fallen tree trunk in city
  5. Tv studio device reported traffic jam
  6. Reported traffic jam from device in tv studio
  7. Air traffic control device
  8. Traffic-calming device
  9. Traffic control device
  10. Traffic controllers' device
  11. Traffic enforcement device
  12. Surrey town's sound device for measuring heaviness of traffic?
  13. Traffic-and-weather-together device
  14. Speed ___ (traffic-slowing device)
  15. Subjects of an apartment restriction
  16. Hotel room restriction
  17. Certain diet restriction
  18. Subject of a parents restriction for a child
  19. One may have a height restriction
  20. Dietetic restriction


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