The answer to this crossword puzzle is 11 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Traffic helicopter e.g."

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  1. Eyeinthesky
    1. 1982 hit for the alan parsons project
    2. Casino camera, informally
    3. Traffic helicopter


  1. Helicopter traffic guy on "the simpsons"
  2. Made like a traffic helicopter
  3. Traffic helicopter
  4. Like traffic in a traffic jam
  5. Attack helicopter
  6. One role for a helicopter
  7. Marine ___ (presidential helicopter)
  8. Helicopter blade
  9. Tree with “helicopter seeds”
  10. Helicopter part
  11. Said to be looking for a helicopter
  12. Proto-helicopter designer
  13. Certain helicopter
  14. U.s. attack helicopter
  15. Helicopter feature
  16. Iraq war helicopter
  17. Military helicopter
  18. Helicopter builder sikors
  19. Policeman has hours in helicopter
  20. Kind of helicopter


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  2. Where american car may be a great deal below average, man!
  3. Track down scrap of evidence
  4. Sprinkles powder on tidied hair, both at the back and fringes
  5. Leader ordered liar to die
  6. Former administrative division of yorkshire
  7. Old czech dissident, keep left
  8. Island where politician arrived without me