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  1. Straw or wicker beehive
  2. A beehive, especially one made of straw
  3. Straw beehive
  4. Old style straw beehive
  5. Traditional rounded boat with wicker frame
  6. Sometimes used for home storage when empty, a traditional wicker basket for picnic items or luxury food
  7. Traditional straw mats
  8. Traditional type of italian straw-covered bottle for chianti
  9. Bit of wicker
  10. Willow for wicker
  11. Making as a wicker chair
  12. Wicker material
  13. Wicker work
  14. Like wicker furniture
  15. Like a wicker basket
  16. Wicker sources
  17. Wicker willow
  18. Small round boat of skin over a wicker frame
  19. Wicker baby crib or moses basket
  20. Round wicker basket


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