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  1. Emotional cases proving to be burdensome?
  2. Siren, say, good over emotional pressure applied to young man
  3. Emotional problem to end conversation abruptly
  4. Trade tuc misrepresented - giving basis for emotional expression?
  5. Insincerely emotional
  6. Female, exhausted, see, temptress first off to have emotional experience
  7. Emotional states
  8. Nissan s.u.v.s or, diverged: emotional appeal
  9. Emotional outburst
  10. Hidden emotional feeling
  11. It may feature emotional role with madam
  12. Emotional delivery
  13. Emotional state
  14. Become emotional
  15. Emphasise physical and emotional tension
  16. Absence of emotional comp
  17. Rent decrease produces emotional response
  18. Not nearly as emotional
  19. Entertaining and emotional description of film?
  20. Loud and emotional declamation


  1. Son of a man, 1968 dusty springfield hit
  2. The nucleotide that binds with guanine
  3. Kind of call to find actors
  4. Partner to glitz in hollywood
  5. Wicked or evil
  6. Loud sound made after a nose is tickled
  7. Dick , from wacky races
  8. Seals that take on human form in orkney legend