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  1. Islands including hawaii, tonga, samoa, etc.
  2. Distant, though not like tonga's islands?
  3. Islands including samoa, tonga etc.
  4. Archipelago in the pacific that includes the cook islands, samoa, tonga and tuvalu
  5. China may be thus, or tonga’s islands?
  6. Independent republic in the pacific comprising 33 islands including banaba , the gilbert and phoenix islands, and eight of the line islands
  7. Tonga-to-hawaii dir.
  8. Island neighbor of tonga
  9. __ deep deepest part of the tonga trench
  10. Nation near tonga
  11. Tonga neighbor
  12. Country north of tonga
  13. Tonga room in the fairmont san francisco hotel, e.g
  14. Group providing assurance for the people of tonga?
  15. Island neighbor of tonga and tuvalu
  16. China must be so like tonga?
  17. Eg fiji and tonga
  18. Samoa and tonga are in this pacific island group
  19. Neighbor of tonga
  20. Defense hq enclosure associated with tonga, perhaps


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