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  1. Capital before tokyo rose - or tokyo collapsed?
  2. Pre-tokyo tokyo
  3. Tokyo before it was tokyo
  4. Tokyo, pre-tokyo
  5. Actress massen of "tokyo
  6. Airport serving greater tokyo
  7. Time in tokyo when its midnight in new york
  8. Sight from tokyo
  9. Money in tokyo
  10. River east of tokyo
  11. Carrier to tokyo
  12. Old japanese capital tokyo replaced
  13. Goes from tokyo to kyoto, say
  14. Peak near tokyo: abbr
  15. Tokyo before 1868
  16. Regeneration of tokyo, japanese city
  17. Popular tokyo entertainment
  18. Old name for tokyo
  19. Japanese city - tokyo
  20. Tokyo, once


  1. Spoken spur
  2. Fr. religious figures
  3. Womans name that means violet
  4. It might prevent an overload of the power grid
  5. Rustic pine features
  6. One with a title
  7. ___ vez (again in spanish)
  8. Mo. when oktoberfest starts