The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with T

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Tiny ledge for climber to view, lacking breadth"

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  1. Toehold
    1. Initial progress
    2. Starting progress metaphorically
    3. Do hotel breaks: useful base for mountaineer?
    4. Slight support
    5. Climbers' need
    6. Small recess in rock


  1. Prurient and snide, lacking breadth
  2. Benbow, say, like crichton lacking breadth and energy
  3. Commercial patronage of sport lacking breadth but therein gaining following
  4. Climber's climber
  5. Breadth
  6. Creator of across solutions shows amazing breadth
  7. Short of breadth
  8. What a breadth of vision such entertainment offers
  9. Wrong breadth in mercian king's dyke ultimately
  10. What do you get when you multiply length and breadth of a square?
  11. They have length and breadth only
  12. With the most breadth
  13. Length x breadth
  14. Half-way along the street the corner is enough to take your breadth away
  15. My game ultimately lacks breadth
  16. Take on breadth of character with a joke and energy
  17. Man i sadly left following fuss about breadth of belly
  18. Note concerning beethoven's 7th in breadth at end of programme
  19. Early typeface lacks breadth
  20. Heights: i described length = itself divided by breadth


  1. Capital of cote d'ivoire
  2. Place exhibiting works of art
  3. Welsh poet whose poetry collections include after every green thing and running late
  4. The girl ___ loved tom gordon (stephen king book)
  5. Cause of certain disaster
  6. Investment pyramid schemes are named after which american swindler?
  7. Highest degree for most academic fields: abbr.
  8. One of the three rivers that pittsburgh's three rivers stadium is named for