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  1. White as a ghost
  2. Partner of the father and holy ghost
  3. Ghost in "macbeth"
  4. Makeshift ghost costume
  5. ___ mae (whoopis role in “ghost”)
  6. Snapchats ghost, e.g
  7. “the ghost and mrs. ___” (1947 movie)
  8. Ghost in a battery?
  9. Spirit, ghost
  10. Friendly communist ghost? (3 wds.)
  11. Moaning hogwarts ghost
  12. Like a ghost ship
  13. Ghost creeps away, having space
  14. Ghost story?
  15. Whoopis ghost role
  16. Ghost's comment
  17. Patrick's "ghost" co-star
  18. Like ghost sightings
  19. Ghost's cry
  20. Satiate a ghost?


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  2. King george i stops for dying subject?
  3. Badger or horse?
  4. Flies disturbed sleep after turning over for quick stretch?
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