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  1. Young woman, over time, stays fresh
  2. Stays fresh
  3. Goalie who stays fresh?
  4. Fresh place of play for a fresh period
  5. Kept mouth fresh with fresh taco sauce
  6. Tatyana of 'the fresh prince of bel-air,' or a later role for the fresh prince himself
  7. Fresh food items - few this fresh
  8. Country's fresh news less fresh after revolution
  9. Youngster ate green fresh product
  10. Product advertised on tv with the phrase "not-so-fresh feeling"
  11. *fresh dairy product
  12. Moving round borders of state etc, not given to stays
  13. Stays behind
  14. Stays idle
  15. Image that stays with you
  16. Stays until the end of
  17. Restraints around old woman? stays
  18. One who stays up late
  19. Stays awhile
  20. Stays under the radar


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  2. One does not go with the fishers, perhaps
  3. One might be shooting over such signposts
  4. Best animated feature at the 2018 oscars
  5. No need to be upstage when it brings things to a head
  6. That's him or the big him there
  7. Enjoy dropping rubbish and go back for 3
  8. There's no odd invoice for this level trend