The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with B


Do you know the answer?


  1. Bamboozle
    1. Like a fox
    2. Buffalo
    3. Dupe
    4. Mystify, showing grass unknown to the french
    5. Lead by the nose
    6. Stump sticks out of grass, reportedly, extremely loose


  1. A senior grade predecessor of 8. his own predecessor was blown away
  2. '30s-'50s british labour party leader
  3. 3's labour predecessor
  4. Tory leader once including labour leader in toast
  5. British leader gets nothing wrong in government? in ring it's seen as an opportunity to throw a few digs!
  6. Rubbish labour leader after power
  7. (after 25) pay former labour leader to join tv programme
  8. After liberal joined with team, labour leader secured convincing victory
  9. Tories upset after labour leader wastes time
  10. Frantic labour leader after people's thanks
  11. To throw a heavy lenticular weight the __ throw
  12. By the sound of it, throw out your hand and throw up
  13. Boehners predecessor as house leader
  14. Alexander's predecessor as religious leader, successor as poet
  15. Jiang's predecessor as chinese communist leader
  16. Sir stafford --, british labour statesman 1889-1952
  17. Prime minister in the british labour party’s first majority government
  18. British labour prime minister (1945–51) preceded and succeeded by winston churchill
  19. __ macdonald, first british labour pm
  20. Beth's predecessor given drink by public house


  1. Crime series of the 1970s starring dennis weaver
  2. Cargo pants feature
  3. Despots in the party ran tsardoms
  4. Facts that are a tad back to front
  5. Georgia gold rush city
  6. Bathroom hand towel
  7. Hundreds controversially dropping nhs milk source
  8. Pen name of hablot knight browne, illustrator of many novels by 'boz'