The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with L


Do you know the answer?


  1. Letterbox
    1. Home video format
    2. Mail slot
    3. Slot in a door
    4. Mail holder
    5. Allow her to get the post there of using her fists, by the sound of it
    6. By the sound of it, allow her to get in the ring and sound like a male there


  1. Clue to sage being at an improved stage of development?clue to sage being at an improved stage of development?
  2. Spooner wanted improved security for this door feature
  3. According to spooner, owed foolish person capital
  4. It's easy to rouse irish port, according to spooner
  5. According to spooner, more suitable material for the president's policy platform?
  6. Posy makes horse noise, according to spooner
  7. Train robber's income, according to spooner, "a national humiliation"
  8. Two similar mammals according to spooner — but this one's different
  9. According to spooner, sensible man can be found on a ship
  10. As such, this will pass, according to spooner
  11. Spanner is superior, finest according to spooner
  12. According to spooner, only that man francis lives here
  13. Type of meal that was insipid, according to spooner
  14. Spurn point, according to spooner, a great source of vitamin d
  15. According to spooner, obese bird in unseemly conflict
  16. According to spooner, environmentalist's opponent to give up
  17. Ancestor transported food, according to spooner
  18. St paul's intended receiver, according to spooner
  19. Area that's become very dry and stony allotment according to spooner
  20. Jack the ripper was, according to spooner, top of the pops


  1. With 60 down, top-10 tune of 1950
  2. Madrid movie
  3. Rid of raiment
  4. Ted, to caroline
  5. Farm tool in "weird al" yankovic's "fat" video
  6. Get two government paychecks
  7. Diplomatic incident of 1798
  8. It's repeated in "cockles and mussels"