The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with L.
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Crossword Answers for "Those in front who are backed by followers"

Added on Monday, May 3, 2021
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  1. Leaders
    1. Fishing wires
    2. They're followed
    3. Captains and commanders
    4. Biggest stories
    5. Summit attendees
    6. The parisian reads out editorials


  1. Those in front; who followers follow
  2. Transport backed by heroes turning from much backed animal
  3. Person always at the front, and has followers
  4. It's okay at the centre for the followers swallowing tea made loosely for those in the east
  5. Most of those in 14 down following one of mary's followers from the butchers
  6. Horse backed in front of good crowd
  7. Those running last once regularly backed by merry monarch
  8. Those honourably discharged, one after army corps backed appeal
  9. Area in front of the front row of a theater
  10. Front for "front"
  11. Back-to-front anchorite with back-to-front staff for a month in revolutionary france
  12. In front of her one hurried to be in front
  13. Vest that's back to front and front to back itches
  14. Front of member, back of back, front of member
  15. One of 5 down's is jerusalem, with those people at the front
  16. Avoids those with bills up front
  17. Those in front of lenses
  18. Interview those sitting in front of stage
  19. She entertains those at sea in front of ship
  20. Those who perform 'rope' in front of boors address an unappreciative audience


  1. Plea to move work back into war torn city
  2. People in the bible destroying satan with holiness
  3. Parting word from esteemed leader in heroic novel
  4. Person who counts votes
  5. Pay due regard to board
  6. Paul &mdash , french artist
  7. Part of clock checked when wound back, slow
  8. People in general work like snobs to fill position