The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with T.
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Crossword Answers for "This festival is named after a hip manhattan area"

Added on Saturday, July 2, 2022
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CODYCROSS Canada Group 1264 Puzzle 3

  1. Country whose capital is copenhagen
  2. Short pointy beard named after a painter
  3. Globe shaped bottles for corrosive liquids
  4. Natural sources of mineral water
  5. Rubber tool used to unclog toilets
  6. To be silly and make poor decisions
  7. Team named after canadian emblem, blue, not red
  8. Hotel , associated with creatives such as warhol
  9. Author of howards end and maurice, e m
  10. A vocal composition with an orchestral backing


  1. Tribeca
    1. New york law schools neighborhood
    2. Trendy new york area
    3. Manhattan area next to ch
    4. Setting for an annual new
    5. Where de niro founded a film festival
    6. Holland tunnel's eastern outlet


  1. Manhattan part or a suburb near manhattan
  2. Manhattan's ___ drive (named after a president): abbr.
  3. Manhattan area named after a building
  4. Manhattan film festival locale
  5. Manhattan area with an annual film festival
  6. Manhattan neighborhood and film festival
  7. Manhattan neighborhood, film festival
  8. Old word for the christmas festival - a log is named after it
  9. Brazilian music festival, named after metropolis
  10. Film festival named after a swiss town
  11. Peanuts character named after a 1969 festival
  12. The __ festival annual summer festival in ontario
  13. Jewish festival also called the festival of lights
  14. Christian festival occurring on whit sunday; the jewish festival of shavuoth
  15. __ festival uk file-sharing rock music festival
  16. Festival __; 2003 film with music festival footage
  17. Of the white nights festival, european festival celebrated in st
  18. Festival, european festival celebrated in oslo, norway
  19. Folk festival, annual festival held in berks county, pennsylvania since 1950
  20. Of wight festival, music festival in the u k


  1. Current, relevant
  2. Computer physical parts
  3. Event to attract customers
  4. To vengeance, havoc
  5. Framework to support a bridge
  6. The whole room is , you can’t even move here
  7. Attachment to a building
  8. It goes with articles