The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with D

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Think of a rude mp unseated"

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  1. Dreamup
    1. Invent a dumper that's different
    2. Imagine many, many sheets in the air
    3. Imagine block across centre of street
    4. 'devise or invent (5,2)'
    5. Invent what you might do in bed - and out of it!
    6. Imagine daughter touching cat's back


  1. Party victory, but one unseated is unhappy
  2. Horse unseated nora
  3. One who's unseated?
  4. Provision for the unseated union representative?
  5. Unseated, we hear, from seat of power
  6. Jockey's unseated at start of 4 o'clock in german urban area
  7. Lord unseated from a horse, when getting on
  8. Seat unseated, say?
  9. Unseated from speaker's seat
  10. Pompous knights finally unseated in joust
  11. ''i think i can, i think i can'' speaker
  12. Think 1969, think yasgur's farm
  13. Governor who said 'i don't think there's anybody in america who would necessarily think my personality is best suited to being number two'
  14. 'think' or 'think different'
  15. He said 'i never think i have finished a nude until i think i could pinch it'
  16. "whate'er you think, good words, i think, were best" (king john), for example
  17. Heres what i think in textspeak
  18. Think up
  19. Think too much of
  20. Think worthy of doing


  1. 1963 beach boys song, "in ___"
  2. Chiaroscuro cookie
  3. Literature nobelist canetti
  4. Palooka's liability
  5. Like yankee doodle's cap
  6. Largish vehicles on motorways
  7. Frank ___, two-time oscar-winning director
  8. Revolutionary sewer