The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Thick chunky sweater"

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  1. Aran
    1. Islands of which inishmore is the largest
    2. With help of a cat, am able to get to these islands
    3. Galway bay isle
    4. Were it after the cat am all at sea with this place in the sea
    5. Islands off ireland
    6. The island academician in an enclosure


  1. Alternative to chunky, for peanut butter
  2. Brand that offers "chunky
  3. Like a chunky person's be
  4. Not chunky, as peanut but
  5. Chunky bowlful
  6. Like a chunky person's belt buckle?
  7. Brand that offers 'chunky' style
  8. Brand with a super chunky mushroom variety
  9. Chunky a "___ and in charge"
  10. Classic chunky brand
  11. Not chunky, as peanut butter
  12. Like chunky milk
  13. Son wants meat - not a chunky bit
  14. Chunky game bird
  15. Chunky milkshake ingredient
  16. Chunky
  17. Double scoop that's part sweet and chunky, part tart
  18. Leave almost chunky type of novel
  19. Past chunky
  20. Maker of chunky 7-herb tomato sauce


  1. Cyclopean trait
  2. Like yankee doodle's cap
  3. Athlete's dream
  4. Arp oeuvre
  5. "may god smile on your media conglomerate"?
  6. Fish-landing hook
  7. About to bring in hokey-cokey options as standard
  8. Sci-fi empath