The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with U

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "They say you are second, not first, man city"

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  1. Urban
    1. Built-in
    2. See 35-across
    3. Dictionary
    4. ___ outfitters (retailer)
    5. Relating to towns
    6. Town ___


  1. The first part of kemble's title, of which the first is the second part
  2. Make a mess of second page, second of two
  3. Second a second-story man
  4. Second second thought, for short
  5. Scots love having entered second to come second
  6. Welshman's second and second to last in record jump
  7. Regular position of second hand (nb not second-hand)
  8. Second fruit minus second fruit
  9. Clue to the second word of the mystery phraseclue to the second word of the mystery phrase
  10. Clue? i'd none solved except puzzle's second, showing sluggishnessclue? i'd none solved except puzzle's second, showing sluggishness
  11. Like every second number after second number
  12. Second-lightest and second-most abundant element in the universe, atomic number 2
  13. The first parts of 17- and 22-across are always this, the first part of 46-across is sometimes this, and the first part of 55-across is never this
  14. April the first, or the first from first principles
  15. What the first, second and fifth lines in a limerick do
  16. Womans name that sounds like its second and first letters, respectively
  17. First or second, e.g.
  18. Player on first, second or third
  19. Shakespeares first and second folios, e.g.
  20. First name of the second vice president to resign from office


  1. Euclidean geometry's ___ postulate
  2. Scott famous in 1857
  3. Pirate's potent potable
  4. Big name in apricot scrubs and such
  5. Biblical cargo, or what makes up the answers to starred clues
  6. Place for hero worshipers?
  7. *"step on it, mrs. cleaver!"?
  8. Erstwhile vhs rival