The answer to this crossword puzzle is 15 letters long and begins with H

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "They have you going in circles around the airport"

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  1. Holdingpatterns
    1. Planes' airborne waiting states
    2. What wrestlers practice?
    3. Reasons airliners stay aloft, sometimes


  1. Circles rolling around other circles
  2. Going around in circles
  3. Not going around in circles here if that's not too forward
  4. Going around in circles, say
  5. One going around in circles?
  6. Far eastern race: one has to go mad going around in circles
  7. Travels the world going around in circles
  8. Keep going, for each street going around is going back!
  9. Circles around like planet around sun
  10. Airport code of the world's busiest airport
  11. Went from airport to airport
  12. Going in circles, maybe
  13. Cartoon explorer going in circles?
  14. Going round in circles, or being effective?
  15. Religious woman's movement going round in circles
  16. Going round and round in circles, carrying little information
  17. Going round in circles, taking part in test
  18. Rebel going round in circles
  19. It's often covered by one going round in circles
  20. Fools labour leader going in circles?


  1. State of lacking warmth or emotion
  2. Valley in the first book of samuel
  3. "who wants to be a millionaire" host
  4. Countess bankrupts st. louis n.h.l. team?
  5. Overdo the sweetness
  6. Florida floater, briefly
  7. Walt disney's record collection
  8. Candy vehicle