The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with T


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  1. Taxmen
    1. Dreaded collectors
    2. Publicans of old rome


  1. Stream as of revenue
  2. With assets emptied, taps into business with good revenue stream
  3. Revenue stream for an influencer briefly
  4. Magneto's adversaries, in
  5. Comics foes of magneto
  6. Cocreator of professor x and magneto
  7. Co-creator of magneto
  8. Magneto's real first name, in the x-men movies
  9. Superheroes battling the evil magneto
  10. Magneto's foes
  11. Mckellen who played magneto
  12. Magneto, to the x-men
  13. Group that battles magneto
  14. Magneto portrayer mckellen in "x-men"
  15. Magneto's enemies
  16. He played magneto in the "x-men" trilogy
  17. Magneto's adversaries, in comic books
  18. Magneto's superhero enemies
  19. Mckellen who played magneto in the 'x-men' films
  20. Weight anagram of magneto


  1. Carpet calculations
  2. London theatre south-east of waterloo station
  3. How a fatwa might be issued
  4. Ma or pa in a steinbeck novel
  5. Poet who wrote of the wasp, "i distrust his waspitality"
  6. Does the stanky leg, say
  7. Track and field sport contested by olympian greg rutherford
  8. Prize 'the price is right' contestants freak out about