The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with M


Do you know the answer?


  1. Misshapen
    1. Badly formed
    2. Malformed
    3. The h girl gets something crooked to write with
    4. Ha, my girl, something crooked to write with!
    5. Ha, young lady! something crooked to write with (9)
    6. Fail to understand hard copy with name distorted


  1. Is this cap sizing?
  2. Sizing up rocky geraniums
  3. Sizing letters
  4. Firewood-sizing tool
  5. They're for sizing up what the winner is expected to go through to determine final times
  6. Do some down-sizing
  7. Sizing up little big cats?
  8. Sizing up bodies
  9. Band's recordings
  10. Obsolescent recordings
  11. Like original buddy holly and the crickets recordings
  12. Like early elvis recordings
  13. Some old recordings
  14. Raps — successful recordings
  15. Recordings
  16. Early recordings
  17. Like some recordings
  18. Pre-stereo recordings
  19. Range of advanced recordings
  20. Recordings making a comeback


  1. The __, 1933 novel by dennis wheatley
  2. Conceptus
  3. Feline female
  4. Poet-singer
  5. Brand with a pitcher-shaped mascot
  6. Like salivary glands near ears
  7. Break even during different sales initially
  8. The —; band whose singles include just what i needed, you might think and drive