The answer to this crossword puzzle is 12 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "There will come soft rains"

Do you know the answer?


  1. ... there's smoke, there's fire. where there's fire, there's ___
  2. Rains lightly
  3. Spanish rains
  4. Like heavy rains
  5. Rains in a studio
  6. Rains in the movies
  7. Rains in spain
  8. Nomad's tent invaded by torrential rains
  9. Seasonal wind bringing heavy rains
  10. Gullies are formed by __ heavy rains
  11. Seasonal wind in asia that causes heavy rains
  12. Protection from rains english learners had in unsettled burma
  13. "the rains in --"
  14. Rains of "casablanca"
  15. It rains inside when i'm busking
  16. Nerve gas — rains (anag)
  17. Rains ice
  18. Discoloration caused by swirling rains in the centre of eltham
  19. Fine rains
  20. Dim duels (anag) — natural hazard after heavy rains


  1. ____ punk (electronic music duo)
  2. Strait separating scotland and orkney
  3. Group of canons taking time for quiet gossip
  4. Two word denial
  5. Instruct bryan perhaps, to get hybrid form of transport
  6. Student of seneca la times
  7. Those against lad reversing over european
  8. Scold or criticise angrily