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  1. Conventional theory or empty theory about carrier shouldered by strong worker
  2. Rational __ theory, a theory of economics
  3. This theory could be the theory of everything
  4. Opposed to
  5. Sign agreement backing 11 as opposed to 6
  6. Opposed bible language
  7. Opposed to a mother's ruin
  8. Directly opposed
  9. Opposed to, in "li'l abne
  10. Humorous as opposed to strange
  11. Rule opposed by gandhi
  12. Opposed to, in the boondo
  13. One opposed
  14. Org. opposed to weaving?
  15. Opposed by those resolved to protect the borders of israel
  16. “enough!” as opposed to “you quit that right now!”?
  17. Boy naturally opposed to the current trend
  18. Opposed in two ways, party hit back before elected
  19. Being opposed to building seats for spectators?
  20. Directly opposed: in general, opening up


  1. Paddy on the way?
  2. Page in group that can hide in bushes?
  3. Pacific ocean warming
  4. Pianist cliburn plays basketball defense?
  5. Actress rogers flips out?
  6. Package in unusual place outside front of restaurant
  7. Pas said why beforehand
  8. Pacific salmon marinated in alcohol