The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with O.
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Crossword Answers for "The barber of seville e g"

Added on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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  1. Opera
    1. Where you might take a lo
    2. Carmen, for example
    3. Word with space or rock
    4. Works in the music busine
    5. Wagner composition
    6. Madama butterfly, for one


  1. 'the barber of seville' barber
  2. The barber of seville composer
  3. ??the barber of seville title character's name
  4. Italian opera composer of the barber of seville
  5. Doctor bartolo, in "the barber of seville"
  6. The barber of seville
  7. The barber of seville's name
  8. The barber of seville goes on ahead with tall topper
  9. 'the ___ precaution' (alternate title of 'the barber of seville')
  10. '___ voce poco fa' ('the barber of seville' aria)
  11. Soprano in 'the barber of seville'
  12. "the barber of seville," e.g
  13. Figaro in 'the barber of seville,' e.g
  14. ''the barber of seville'', for one
  15. Eg, the barber of seville
  16. '___ ridente in cielo' ('the barber of seville' aria)
  17. Composer of ''the barber of seville''
  18. Italian composer who wrote some 40 operas by the age of 38 including otello, the barber of seville and william tell
  19. 'the barber of seville' highlight
  20. Players of fiorello and dr. bartolo in the barber of seville


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