The answer to this crossword puzzle is 6 letters long and begins with F

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Textile cloth"

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  1. Fabric
    1. Stuff brill with syrup fried peacock hearts
    2. Chintz, e.g
    3. Material
    4. The cloth
    5. It's sold by the yard
    6. Material is excellent, endlessly ornate


  1. Cloth, textile
  2. A merchant or trader who deals in textile fabrics and fine cloth
  3. Cloth for cloth is just not in sane
  4. Fixing a hole in cloth with more cloth
  5. Cloth for a man of the cloth?
  6. Job of textile workers, in part
  7. European textile city that gave us the word “denim”
  8. Textile company purchase
  9. Method of making yarn into textile or fabric
  10. French textile city
  11. Ingredient in textile fin
  12. Textile fibre - icy carl
  13. Commerce recently involving textile dealer
  14. Highlander's textile patt
  15. Textile factory fixture
  16. Textile fiber colorer
  17. Pharaoh's textile
  18. Piece of textile used for cleaning furniture
  19. Textile
  20. Woven textile art


  1. Angry promise to devise puzzle
  2. Quality of being easily damaged or destroyed
  3. Mammifère de madagascar
  4. In norse mythology, a huge ash tree that binds together heaven, earth, and hell
  5. However, nearly everyone finished without recipe
  6. New stay turned out to be unpleasant
  7. Of, relating to, or characteristic of ancient and medieval scandinavia
  8. Duration of note broke mauve tile