The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Tempting food i introduced to club"

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  1. Bait
    1. Worms for fishing
    2. Badger trapper
    3. Lure company of fliers with hanky-panky
    4. Wrigglers, to a fisherman
    5. Cheese, for some
    6. Lure


  1. Tv horse introduced in 1955 ... or a plymouth model introduced in 1956
  2. Sweet topping, very tempting — first three portions gone
  3. Fate-tempting motorcyclis
  4. Turnaround too tempting to pass up?
  5. Make more tempting, as a
  6. Know about channel 4? it's tempting!
  7. To stop in rhodes is tempting
  8. Tempting spot
  9. He’s sinful, awfully tempting and nefarious first of all?
  10. Brilliance is what’s tempting about stone
  11. Make more tempting, as a deal
  12. Tempting type
  13. Tempting hospital department with cake topping
  14. Attractive tempting
  15. Food store, note, tempting girl
  16. Tempting words for shopaholics
  17. Tempting fate
  18. Tempting on board, by the sound of it
  19. Tempting appeal from the queen's mews!
  20. Property among the very best - a tempting place indeed


  1. Person casting a ballot
  2. Extinct language spoken in ancient etruria
  3. Shaped like a cube
  4. 1979 bbc tv sitcom starring paul nicholas and su pollard
  5. River of poland that flows to the baltic sea near gdansk
  6. Highest degree for most academic fields: abbr.
  7. Very sacred or holy
  8. 1999 film starring chris o'donnell and renée zellweger and featuring the acting debut of singer mariah carey