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  1. 18th-century french inventor of a temperature scale
  2. English inventor current for yankee inventor
  3. Alexander bell, inventor of visible speech who is the father of telephone inventor graham bell
  4. Obrien, co inventor of the south bend lathe works who is the father of water proof diaper inventor marion donovan
  5. May be running a high temperature with such low temperature
  6. Uproar over medicines dropping temperature temperature well dropped in this
  7. Hardness scale inventor
  8. Inventor of a mineral hardness scale
  9. Eponymous scale inventor
  10. S. p. l. __, inventor of the ph scale in science
  11. Talc-to-diamond hardness scale inventor
  12. Swede who developed a temperature scale
  13. Combine temperature scale on exhaust
  14. Temperature scale range includes 56
  15. Temperature scale
  16. Scale for measuring temperature
  17. Temperature scale named after french physicist who introduced it
  18. Physicist giving name to temperature scale
  19. Scale of absolute temperature named for him
  20. Coldest possible temperature on the kelvin scale


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