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  1. Common seaweed
  2. 1988 crime comedy rated 93% positive on rotten tomatoes
  3. Some plum tomatoes
  4. Scoring high on rotten tomatoes
  5. Treat tomatoes, perhaps, of various kinds
  6. Cook, as tomatoes
  7. Some tomatoes
  8. Sweet and tangy sauce typically made from tomatoes
  9. French sauce with chopped tomatoes and lemon juice
  10. Red pigments found in tomatoes
  11. Plum tomatoes
  12. Garnished with tomatoes, anchovies and capers
  13. *beef-braised-with-tomatoes dish
  14. In tunisian cooking, a spicy oily paste made from chilli and tomatoes
  15. Deep colour like the colour of cherries or tomatoes perhaps
  16. A couple of tomatoes added to stew creates an awkward situation
  17. Mixture of lettuce, tomatoes and veggies
  18. Canning tomatoes
  19. Badly-organised scholar's first awful lecture received by a lot of tomatoes?
  20. Fancy diner in south of france may use such tomatoes


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  2. Visitor figured in hearing
  3. Strange allure of symbol of honour
  4. Strip showing bad guy in hamlet nearly getting part in original of ...
  5. Flower girl is seen in time
  6. Small measure used in recipes - open oats
  7. Intrude and nearly get where the drinks are
  8. Sally in fight to get round in