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  1. Climber's climber
  2. Wading birds
  3. Wading bird
  4. Wading bird with an upcur
  5. Large wading bird
  6. Five-foot wading birds
  7. European wading bird
  8. Grouse seriously could be a wading bird
  9. Long-billed wading birds
  10. Petty verbal attacks on the wading birds
  11. Black and white wading bird
  12. Grey or white wading bird
  13. Long-legged wading bird
  14. Wading bird with long neck and legs
  15. Egyptian wading bird
  16. Long-feathered wading bir
  17. Tall wading bird
  18. Wading bird stopped over halfway in difficulty - one might go in for a dip
  19. Story of a large wading bird with no tail
  20. Wading bird pecked seabird


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