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  1. Fish whose roe is used in sushi
  2. Sushi consisting of thin slices of fish over rice
  3. Red snapper, at a sushi restaurant
  4. ___ sauce (sushi condiment)
  5. Sushi bar stock
  6. Common sushi order
  7. Popular sushi fish
  8. Sushi staple
  9. Sushi fish
  10. Tuna belly, at a sushi ba
  11. Sushi bar tuna
  12. Shape of a sushi hand roll
  13. Sushi fare
  14. Unagi, in a sushi bar
  15. Sushi bar soup
  16. Sushi bar beverage, perhaps
  17. Sushi bar fish
  18. Fish thats a sushi staple
  19. Tuna, at a sushi bar
  20. Sea urchin, at a sushi bar


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