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  1. Symphonie fantastique composer, d. 1869
  2. Composer of symphonie fantastique: hector __
  3. With 52-down, 'symphonie fantastique' composer
  4. Hymn heard in berlioz's "symphonie fantastique"
  5. 'symphonie fantastique' composer
  6. The score for "symphonie fantastique" has a part for it
  7. Hector __, french composer: symphonie fantastique
  8. Are its pies 'fantastique'?
  9. 'symphonie espagnole' composer
  10. "nosferatu, ___ symphonie des grauens" (1922 movie)
  11. 'symphonie espagnole' composer edouard
  12. Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist and teacher whose works include eine faust-symphonie
  13. — eine symphonie des grauens 1922 horror film starring max shreck


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