The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with C.
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Added on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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  1. Celsius
    1. Swede who developed a temperature scale
    2. Quote, part 3
    3. Temperature scale
    4. Scale for measuring temperature
    5. Swedish astronomer invented centigrade thermometer
    6. Scale often used in a laboratory


  1. Swedish deviser of the centigrade thermometer
  2. Swedish astronomer invented centigrade thermometer
  3. Deviser of the centigrade thermometer
  4. Anders –––, 19th century swedish astronomer who invented and gave his name to a scale of temperature
  5. Swedish astronomer who devised temperature scale
  6. Temperature scale named after swedish astronomer
  7. Scale of temperature devised by swedish astronomer
  8. Scale of temperature named after swedish astronomer
  9. Unit honoring a swedish astronomer
  10. The __ point of water is 0 degrees centigrade
  11. Centigrade freezing point of water
  12. Change involving degrees centigrade causes argument
  13. Centigrade conversion of actual temperature within asian city
  14. Northern europeans must adopt centigrade measures
  15. Centigrade
  16. Nothing; freezing point (in degrees centigrade)
  17. Odd, after converting centigrade to fahrenheit, at boiling point
  18. Temperature scale, previously called centigrade
  19. Temperature scale also known as centigrade
  20. Alternative name for centigrade temperature scale


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