The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with G.
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Crossword Answers for "Suspect clergyman is inexperienced"

Added on Thursday, July 11, 2019

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  1. Green
    1. Fresh information about sappers
    2. Naive politician
    3. Starts to like, with "to"
    4. Place to hole up
    5. Ecofriendly engineers accessing data
    6. Dope carries on flag here usually


  1. Inexperienced person, inexperienced person in bed
  2. Clergyman receiving company of clergyman
  3. Professor ___ (suspect in clue)professor ___ (suspect in clue)
  4. "clue" suspect"clue" suspect
  5. __ peacock (suspect in clue)__ peacock (suspect in clue)
  6. Clue for morse, perhaps, which may show suspect was in oxford?clue for morse, perhaps, which may show suspect was in oxford?
  7. __ peacock (clue suspect)__ peacock (clue suspect)
  8. Clue and suspect not tied upclue and suspect not tied up
  9. A suspect's might be suspect
  10. An inexperienced kid not fully prepared to play an instrument
  11. Conflict in the main upset inexperienced medic
  12. Rather inexperienced
  13. One trapped in hub heads for the exit (an inexperienced thought)
  14. Cancel half of shares before company's inexperienced new director starts
  15. Inexperienced
  16. Catch here - inexperienced learner in shelter flipped
  17. Inexperienced, innocent
  18. Inexperienced regarding blocking information
  19. Political group, inexperienced, somewhat ignored by liberal
  20. Inexperienced arrival


  1. A priest would seem to get sound with it
  2. By the sound of it, wait a lot for him to get it up
  3. The sound of two dozen single sheets singing
  4. F-e-ggg, perhaps, by the sound of them in a monumental way
  5. Where there might be a purchaser for the beast, by the sound of it
  6. Your attitude to work? against it
  7. Not one man short, inversely
  8. The king of france along with the rest, will be merrymaking