The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with A

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Surgical removal procedure"

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  1. Ablation
    1. Surgical removal of body tissue
    2. Removal of a charitable offering presented without love


  1. Surgical removal
  2. Surgical removal of body tissue
  3. Surgical removal of excess body fat
  4. Act of surgical removal
  5. Surgical removal of a gland
  6. Surgical removal of tissue at the back of the mouth
  7. Surgical removal of unwanted body fat
  8. Surgical removal of one or both fallopian tubes
  9. Surgical procedure
  10. Non-surgical procedure of digestive tract
  11. Surgical procedure that can improve the way you look?
  12. Minimal amount of medicine from doctor prior to surgical procedure
  13. Royal mail worker following surgical procedure
  14. Decline surgical procedure cancelled by gp
  15. Mark from a surgical procedure
  16. Surgical procedure needs possibility to be split by age
  17. Stone with surgical procedure cut out
  18. Certain limits to surgical procedure
  19. Essential computer facility for surgical procedure?
  20. Tommy __, ex-pitcher for whom a surgical procedure is named


  1. Personnel including family groupings back in the renaissance
  2. Call me by your name
  3. Suffer defeat in court in private
  4. Put off job by somebody in police department
  5. One's married after church amid revolutionary swagger
  6. Let go of contact
  7. Sentimental greek character retiring
  8. Require massage, reportedly