The answer to this crossword puzzle is 4 letters long and begins with B

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Suppress government's initial report"

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  1. Bang
    1. Just like that!
    2. Pistol sound
    3. Gun sound
    4. Big report
    5. Thrill
    6. Backfire sound


  1. A good attempt to suppress rioters' initial violent behaviour
  2. Suppress ultimately scathing report
  3. Suppress key report that's shocking
  4. Store image file with technician's initial report
  5. Put up with suffering and initial trouble in government - taoiseach, this will be your reward on the wall
  6. Report of a report
  7. Leave report outside us government office
  8. Finish government report which goes into bookmaking?
  9. Ambrogio —, sienese painter whose works include the frescoes allegory of bad government and allegory of good government
  10. Primarily suppress flatulence? the french do
  11. Hardly suppress one's fee
  12. Suppress
  13. I heard that monarchs will suppress regressive personality
  14. Group adapted sports car to suppress carbon monoxide
  15. A bishop brought in to suppress endless feud
  16. Skill i suppress growing vegetable
  17. Game, suppress scams
  18. Smother - suppress
  19. Suppress issue about sex
  20. Suppress keep back


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  2. Take a plane up without a co-pilot (2 wds.)
  3. Folded tex-mex treats
  4. Peculiar - in a stressed condition, earl moves towards the front
  5. American carmaker losing one dollar
  6. Beer delivery cart pulled by horses
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