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  1. What's superior to lake superior: abbr
  2. It's superior to superior
  3. Superior part of lake superior?
  4. Bit of light paper superior to wood
  5. Superior plastic or stiff paper?
  6. __ writing open semantic; writing with no words
  7. Clue regarding a missing writing implement?clue regarding a missing writing implement?
  8. There's writing on what one is writing at to start with
  9. Writing first version of paper, not out wearing women's clothes
  10. Writing paper, etc
  11. Like much writing paper
  12. Develop paper in, for example, reading and writing
  13. Paper used for writing in ancient times
  14. Kind of writing paper with feint rules
  15. Surrealist admits writing introduction to religious paper
  16. Piece of writing paper
  17. Block of writing paper; computer
  18. Pricey writing paper
  19. Leaf used for writing paper
  20. Detective grasps it's about writing on drugs, on paper


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  2. Medusas mythological species
  3. Charles dickens first novel "the papers"
  4. Frequency of normal credit card payments
  5. Summoned, especially spirits
  6. A creamy cheese named after a village in normandy
  7. Draco malfoys son, friend of albus potter
  8. Ancient greek settlement built on a hill