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  1. She turned down the lead in ''sunset boulevard''
  2. "sunset boulevard" star
  3. Portrayer of max, norma's butler, in 'sunset boulevard'
  4. Portrayer of faded star norma desmond in the 1950 movie 'sunset boulevard'
  5. Funny wig on nora, lass becoming an actress in 'sunset boulevard'
  6. Desmond in "sunset boulevard"
  7. Final appearance of desmond, n in sunset boulevard
  8. "sunset boulevard" genre
  9. Sommer of ''exit sunset boulevard''
  10. Sunset boulevard's whisky ___
  11. Holden's 'sunset boulevard' co-star
  12. Nancy of "sunset boulevard"
  13. Actress nancy of 'sunset boulevard'
  14. Von stroheim, in "sunset boulevard"
  15. 'sunset boulevard' character ___ desmond
  16. ''sunset boulevard'' actress
  17. Where sunset boulevard is less than clean
  18. -- desmond, the role played by gloria swanson in the 1950 film 'sunset boulevard'
  19. Gloria's role in 'sunset boulevard'
  20. Swanson's 'sunset boulevard' co-star


  1. Financially unprepared for losses to property
  2. Physicist, chemist, or biologist
  3. Scorched, slightly burned
  4. Powerpoint project
  5. International language invented in 1887
  6. Fred who played kevin in the wonder years
  7. 1995 teen comedy starring alicia silverstone
  8. Special __; visual tricks used in films