The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with P.
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Crossword Answers for "Sung hymns"

Added on Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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CODYCROSS CodyCross' Spaceship Group 1193 Puzzle 3

  1. What thor is the god of
  2. Cliff, ceramicist famous for bizarre ware
  3. Carnivorous plant in john wyndham sci fi novel
  4. Shirt, a pompous person
  5. Alone stop doggin me around mj hit in 1989
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  7. Back to school codycross world called life
  8. Greek gulf, also called gulf of aegina
  9. Someone cynical that questions everything
  10. To drip or run down in a small flowing stream
  11. Yellow dwarf bean with stringless pods
  12. French chef blanc with oxfordshire restaurant
  13. Space for keeping things, like a warehouse
  14. Measure for temperature similar to fahrenheit
  15. Penalty in showjumping when a horse wont jump
  16. Word describing the mutant ninja turtles
  17. Navigation device with a magnetized needle
  18. Indiana jones first movie, of the lost ark
  19. South korean district mentioned in psys 2012 song
  20. Desert that forms arizonas saguaro national park
  21. Punish appropriately for the crime


  1. Extolment, in hymns
  2. Sacred hymns
  3. Church council finishing early with rousing hymns lacking hard words such as faith, religion and belief
  4. Hymns, e.g.
  5. Some hims with hymns
  6. Hymns of thanksgiving
  7. Opera to orpheus includes the muse of poetry and hymns
  8. David's hymns
  9. The sound of ancient hymns
  10. Muse of hymns
  11. Sacred songs or hymns
  12. Point to essential part a witch had in wedding hymns
  13. One of 150 biblical hymns
  14. Very old description, in part, of some hymns
  15. High church hymns, by the sound of them
  16. It's all the luck of the fighting for the battle hymns
  17. Muse of lyric poetry and hymns
  18. Sounds like hymns ancient, but not modern
  19. The verve's kind of hymns
  20. Hymns of mourning


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