The answer to this crossword puzzle is 14 letters long and begins with O


Do you know the answer?


  1. Unexpectedly suddenly
  2. Event that happens suddenly and unexpectedly
  3. Unexpectedly suddenly surrounded by many people
  4. Suddenly and unexpectedly
  5. (appearing) suddenly and unexpectedly
  6. Unexpectedly - suddenly
  7. A couple of presents unlikely to be found?
  8. When rupee fails, a couple of prices unexpectedly drop
  9. Members of couple appearing to get high suddenly
  10. Couple a couple to make one
  11. What helter-skelter in peru ¿ couple of lions reportedly got me from another couple of lions
  12. Singing as couple expected, couple of times in middle of night
  13. Expects a couple to be lacking sound judgement
  14. Couple, tense and sad, lacking energy in the first place
  15. Lacking height and seen to be lacking imagination
  16. 'lacking in sense, lacking in humour (7)'
  17. Deity lacking pizzazz, lacking heart
  18. Lacking 12 across - and lacking a foundation, too
  19. Accepts the inevitable presents at home
  20. Approach to green perhaps presents openings for crucial hole in pro-am


  1. Term for the number one
  2. Falsehoods which vegetarians would find difficult to swallow
  3. Wild dances and musical in which you may get carried away?
  4. Great minds think alike e.g.
  5. Feline female
  6. 1957 novel by frederick kohner subtitled the little girl with big ideas
  7. Small hot tasting pepper
  8. Crash into back of car - organ death follows