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  1. Suckers are after suckers
  2. Suckers in search of suckers
  3. Suckers that make suckers of others
  4. Suckers
  5. Suckers succors?
  6. Popular suckers
  7. Where suckers lure people
  8. Start talking of payment for suckers
  9. Marine suckers
  10. Tube for suckers
  11. Smart thieves bamboozled suckers
  12. Suckers in the auto world
  13. Places where suckers are
  14. Small suckers
  15. Cephalopod with eight arms and two rows of suckers
  16. Are 27 across suckers for advertising?
  17. Appearing like suckers, staff get basic seating
  18. It might have many suckers
  19. Little tea in the ship for suckers
  20. Suckers start to be beyond getting sick


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