The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Sturdy case: more flexible parts sliding around"

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  1. Slithery
    1. Sneaking hits rely on being broadcast
    2. Like snakes and eels


  1. Viper sliding around before noon is deadly biter
  2. Risk sliding around close to crevasse, for one going down mountain
  3. Sticking a blade nethermost — sliding around, is it?
  4. Those sliding on snow risk crashing around end of the slope without leap
  5. Tough flexible tissue found in parts of the body
  6. '___ around around around around' (lyric from dion and the belmonts' 'the wanderer')
  7. '___ around around around around' (repeated line in dion and the belmonts' 'the wanderer')
  8. Wandering around, need margin to be flexible
  9. Made good the deficiencies of workers, bringing flexible fellow around
  10. Flexible connective tissue around joints
  11. Sturdy feller?
  12. Like some sturdy furnitur
  13. Sturdy pony
  14. Unlucky pirate leader captured by sturdy ship
  15. Onion made of a sturdy co
  16. Strong and sturdy
  17. Sturdy old banger's bonnet covered in iron oxide
  18. Sturdy tree
  19. Sturdy shoe
  20. Sturdy, in a way


  1. Single from u2's 2000 album all that you can't leave behind used in the soundtrack of the movie lara croft: tomb raider
  2. '_______ is such sweet sorrow': a line from william shakespeare's romeo and juliet
  3. Angry lad almost gets wife's weapon
  4. 18th-century english artist, noted for his engravings satirising the vices and affectations of his age, such as a rake's progress
  5. Mount —, volcano and highest mountain in washington state, us
  6. Many wild mobs are apt to be hairy
  7. Border guards sort of sense royal outlaw
  8. Specify fruit without eastern mark