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  1. Boy short of an idiotic case: on pike's head it's marked 'stupid boy'
  2. Remarkably stupid idiotic
  3. Stupid idiotic (inf)
  4. Insult for someone idiotic, stupid and slow
  5. __ gump said: stupid is as stupid does
  6. "stupid __ stupid does": forrest gump
  7. Stupid selfie taken by stupid linesman
  8. 'stupid -- stupid does'
  9. Pointer at stupid on an 'i'm with stupid' shirt...nailed 'em
  10. "stupid --- stupid ..."
  11. Stupid ___ stupid does: 2 wds.
  12. Flaws in conclusions from some idiotic ass without sound reflection
  13. Idiotic lapse by current head of nursing in a&e
  14. Foolish getting involved in dust-up: idiotic
  15. Idiotic
  16. Idiotic having no support around home
  17. Comically idiotic
  18. Idiotic, naive and not educated initially
  19. Mad son leaves – idiotic
  20. Thinking what you saw borders on idiotic


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