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  1. Stubborn beast
  2. Stubborn as a mule led by a brute
  3. Crude, annoyingly stubborn person sounded harsh and loud
  4. Stubborn animal
  5. Stubborn response
  6. Stubborn beast regularly tears matadors' capes
  7. Stubborn as ___
  8. Stubborn person's word
  9. Nation defending imperial measure after old boy becomes stubborn
  10. Stubborn, as a problem
  11. Proverbially stubborn animal
  12. Stubborn beasts
  13. Stubborn types
  14. Disdain incentive, finally stubborn
  15. Stubborn stain to be specially treated
  16. Stubborn as a mule
  17. Stubborn sort
  18. Refuse to contemplate defeat, while restraining stubborn fellow losing his head
  19. Stubborn stain needs to be shifted
  20. Turn into beast, being stubborn


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  3. In partying it's a bit pretentious
  4. New york mlb squad
  5. In the end see back to einstein's equation for those who run shows
  6. Leader of some parades
  7. Finished a wall, maybe
  8. Opposite of ''persona''