The answer to this crossword puzzle is 0 letters long and begins with

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Striped playing marbles"

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    1. Before now
    2. Brown shade
    3. Spooky
    4. Family nickname
    5. Broadcasting live
    6. Under the weather


  1. Striped marbles
  2. Playing marbles
  3. Playing marbles resemblin
  4. Playing sage at marbles
  5. Nigel playing with marbles?
  6. Metal playing marbles
  7. Playing marbles resembling a 43-down
  8. Group playing north or south lost elgin marbles, perhaps
  9. Playing with medical officer, playing at play
  10. Playing card - baseball playing-field
  11. Some marbles
  12. Took all the marbles
  13. Place for marbles
  14. The ___ marbles (british museum holding)
  15. The ___ marbles
  16. Shooting marbles
  17. Game of marbles
  18. Having all one's marbles
  19. Certain marbles
  20. Choice marbles


  1. 'christ is –!', the paschal greeting or easter acclamation
  2. Disorder that consists of an inability to fall or stay asleep
  3. Colifichet e
  4. Sturdy floor wood
  5. Like raw carrots
  6. Sheep having to breathe heavily on hind legs
  7. ––– and other assorted love songs, an album by derek and the dominos
  8. Like santa claus per many kids