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  1. Strapless summer wear
  2. They may be strapless or padded
  3. Strapless item flatters weed
  4. Close-fitting, strapless top without sleeves
  5. One may be strapless
  6. Strapless slipper
  7. Strapless handbag
  8. Ignore possible effect of strapless dress
  9. It may be wireless or strapless
  10. It may be strapless
  11. ... with lover going round in strapless top
  12. Strapless accessory
  13. Strapless garment
  14. A strapless top is a mistake underground
  15. Undergarment that might be strapless or wire-free
  16. Upper half of a bikini
  17. Against bikini bottom covered in fake tan
  18. Bikini, e.g.
  19. Bikini event
  20. Some find a bikini bizarre in spanish resort


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