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  1. Interesting and strange objects
  2. Interesting sight - beautiful woman
  3. In a strange mood - decidedly strange
  4. Strange lady embracing another female on french street - very strange lady!
  5. Strange sort occupying strange platform
  6. Strange sky sight
  7. Interesting
  8. He said that ambient music “must be as ignorable as it is interesting”
  9. Ver-r-ry interesting!
  10. Something interesting
  11. Gets more interesting, sa
  12. Mesopotamian fragments of interred remains are quite interesting
  13. Make more interesting
  14. One that finds 24s interesting to ogle, in most sorts
  15. Interesting phenomenon - show
  16. Least interesting
  17. Interesting amusing or biographical incident
  18. Unimportant but interesting facts for quizzing
  19. Mysterious ghost ship's most interesting parts
  20. Current and interesting


  1. Sound as if the ayes have them about the hidden saint
  2. It's fundamental to get your degree like this
  3. It's just a test, maybe bleaching your hair
  4. There's a pleasant expectation of having a cape over it
  5. Too bad it's only worth a couple of bucks, by the sound of it! (4,4)
  6. The way to beat a place of kings with a flourish
  7. To be on a ship is enough to make one throw up
  8. For the good of your health, get in abroad after it