Do you know the answer?


  1. Sheetanchor
    1. Something ship relies upon in emergencies
    2. Paper-weight?
    3. It may prevent ship hitting side of harbour or rock
    4. Emergency naval item the female put on ship reportedly


  1. It teaches freedom from d
  2. Teaches
  3. Teaches about property reverting to the crown
  4. She teaches the 'sweet if dangerous fun of self-love,' per alice walker
  5. Faith that teaches the un
  6. Teaches a ceramics class?
  7. Doctor teaches it, concerned with beauty
  8. A person who teaches at a university
  9. A person who teaches or coaches
  10. A woman who teaches a child in a private home
  11. Teaches a number in english, perhaps
  12. Piece that teaches technique
  13. Broadcast teaches one to leave before operation
  14. It's assumed it teaches by experience
  15. This teaches that i am all different bits
  16. Where a sensei teaches how to slalom?
  17. He teaches people to revere leader
  18. Fisher-price toy that teaches animal noises
  19. A person who provides instruction teaches
  20. One teaches you in french -- flipping rubbish!


  1. Truck type
  2. *home of the nfl's saints
  3. Constituent part of the university of cambridge founded in 1428 as a benedictine hostel
  4. *dentist's laughing gas
  5. He plays emmerdale's frank clayton
  6. Most widely spoken native language of india after hindi
  7. Partner of signed and delivered in a stevie wonder hit
  8. Cry at a fireworks show