The answer to this crossword puzzle is 7 letters long and begins with D.
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Crossword Answers for "Stooped to initial, having no initial in document"

Added on Sunday, November 10, 2019

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  1. Deigned
    1. Thought fit
    2. Saw fit
    3. Condescended
    4. Lowered oneself
    5. Saw fit with plan to have sons eliminated
    6. Norsemanned, perhaps, with condescension


  1. Not stooped
  2. Stooped shoulders, e.g.
  3. Like monk, old and stooped, about to peg out?
  4. Rose up, stooped and sick, to enter
  5. Stooped
  6. Stooped, condescended.
  7. A stooped one?
  8. Fussy sort, somewhat stooped antiquarian
  9. Stooped to get firing system in action
  10. Assume a stooped posture
  11. Stooped (over)
  12. Bent down, stooped low
  13. The __, millet artwork of stooped women in a field
  14. Word in a computer document that can be clicked on in order to move to a related document
  15. Initial document again and quit
  16. Formal document incorporating a country's initial constitution
  17. Having rank, woman rejected legal document
  18. Speculated, having secured right in legal document
  19. Aim to consume spirit, having succeeded in forming legal document
  20. Feed baby no more, having swallowed document


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  2. Running down info about militancy, ignored by clubs
  3. Rival of s coe ran and ran desperately
  4. Ring round with green
  5. Rest before we start in battle? it&rsquo s a trap
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