CROSSWORD Answers FOR "A steer's breaking lose, presenting problems"

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  1. Teasers
    1. Ads that offer "free" gif
    2. Lures
    3. Previews
    4. Reportedly, they might be fans of tees puzzles
    5. Some tv spots
    6. Appetite whetters


  1. Presenting no problems
  2. Steer with it all , but steer without the end of it
  3. Lose-lose
  4. Lose-lose situations
  5. Perhaps to lose your head is to lose your job
  6. How the hen might lose her head and lose all her strength
  7. First half of a lose-lose comment
  8. Lose it and lose control
  9. Lose or cause to lose saltiness
  10. "lose one's head" or "lose one's shirt"
  11. Sedative may wander and lose the point … lose the point …
  12. Bold enough to lose one's head and lose one's hearing
  13. Lawyers talk about right means of presenting facts
  14. Line lost in presenting account to posh colleague with forked tongue?
  15. It highlights the relative importance of presenting an account
  16. Presenting unfairly
  17. Broken pieces presenting difficulty aboard ship
  18. In french article, presenting girl
  19. Author presenting information concerned with outer space
  20. Kid presenting female with fresh roses – one opens up


  1. Makes haste to get insured!
  2. Where irish politicians are found covering egypt thoroughly
  3. Artist who painted the starry night and several representations of irises
  4. Historical french musical
  5. Immigrant upset conservative women meeting head of state
  6. Way for pom to get some seafood?
  7. Set an earlier time for
  8. Firm sketch put up for jessie and company care