The answer to this crossword puzzle is 5 letters long and begins with N

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Start to perform hymn about divine spirit"

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  1. Nymph
    1. Beautiful woman in new york taking speed?
    2. Girl in new york taking speed
    3. Pretty maiden of greek my
    4. Calypso, e.g.
    5. Calypso, for one
    6. Speed past us city as young maiden


  1. Perform on flat surface and perform in the opposite direction
  2. Semi-divine spirit reported near a pond, ultimately
  3. ... while in possession of scratch, rousing a divine spirit
  4. Temple where father is filled with a divine spirit
  5. Spirit of an evil evil spirit?
  6. Spirit sounds like spirit
  7. Worshipped by fans, i perform song about start of show
  8. Put up about one french female and start to perform in the band
  9. Start to perform at speakers' corner - perhaps london's after one to provide content
  10. A learned divine might start to finish this rider
  11. After short horror film, start to exorcise spirit
  12. Drunk in edinburgh put a lid on the story: ''irish spirit lacks elegance from the start''
  13. Drink spirit before working meeting and start to ramble
  14. Start to hold forth about one spirit
  15. The spanish start to move away from swiss cheese — that's the spirit
  16. The speaker drinks single spirit, and one makes a start
  17. Spirit shown by city after start of blitz
  18. Start with spirit with in
  19. Attendants role neglected to perform parts in play featuring extreme rows
  20. Perform with group for old tv show


  1. Slow-moving glacier melts, engulfing empty trench
  2. An element of extra backsliding - a period that's not over
  3. She foresaw conservative fool with gunmen
  4. Joke by one politician is intended to do damage
  5. Dutch or huguenot colonists who settled in south africa
  6. 1988 action film starring steven seagal and pam grier
  7. Open university charged very big boss of sky
  8. Brown as pie in the cooking?