The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with S


Do you know the answer?


  1. Stagnant
    1. Without vitality
    2. Still, grandma is admitted to men only entertainment in the end
    3. Party with new soldier is unhealthy
    4. Only worth one buck to start with, but still it's all gone bad
    5. Male worker receiving note about lack of activity?
    6. Having no current or flow


  1. Social security in social security (social security in social security)
  2. Earned a standing ovation, perhaps
  3. Standing ovation cheers
  4. Standing ovation, e.g
  5. Felt less miserable when given a standing ovation?
  6. Ended a standing ovation
  7. Praise applause standing ovation
  8. Ovation
  9. Such an ovation would be a new thing for this hotel
  10. Acknowledged an ovation
  11. When at this pub you get an ovation, that's something new
  12. Ovation for the spanish composer
  13. Star given ovation in crossover part
  14. Such an ovation brings new drinks there
  15. Respond to an ovation
  16. Notice it's not a really enthusiastic ovation
  17. Part of sudden ovation is for the star
  18. *holder of the world record for the longest ovation on the operatic stage (80 minutes)
  19. Ovation fraction
  20. Such an ovation would never before have been heard at the pub


  1. Man having beer in vermont
  2. Text manager providing rocks for building
  3. Relating to building design
  4. She foresaw conservative fool with gunmen
  5. Landlord, one that's found in bed
  6. Warning about wrong packaging
  7. Bbc documentary series hosted by neil oliver and nicholas crane
  8. 1988 action film starring steven seagal and pam grier